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Unusual – The true life story of a reluctant Jew

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This candid story takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of a marriage, divorce and remarriage with the same man, the one and only love of the writer’s life.

A little girl growing up in Poland in the aftermath of WWII faces a traumatic discovery that she is Jewish, just before her family moves to Israel in the 50’s.The harsh conditions of the immigrants pouring into the new State are described through her eyes. The family relocates to a Kibbutz where she matures and thrives.

Army service during the 6 Day War follows and a forbid-den love begins and blossoms. This love leads to conflict and adventure and is described with dramatic detail. There are new beginnings in different countries, cities and cultures.

Written with humour and wistfulness that will make the reader laugh and shed a tear, it’s a memoir of an unusual love story and of life lived with both tenacity and grace.


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