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Life of Phi

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The golden ratio, often called Phi, is a fascinating concept that specifies a proportion that has appeared over the centuries in art, architecture, music, and many natural growth processes. As a proportion, it expresses a charming balance between the larger and smaller parts of something that is divided into two parts. As a number, it has remarkable properties that are quite astonishing. As a concept, it is universal and timeless.

In this book you will read about how the golden ratio has been studied over the centuries, and how it seems to have influenced many creations that are considered beautiful. The book proposes a theory of beauty, whereby those things that we consider beautiful are so because, among other reasons, they have the golden ratio embedded in their structure somehow.

The book has Phi himself speaking in the first person, explaining many of his properties, along with interesting stories about people who have explored them. The book has a delightful ending that many readers will find quite intriguing.


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