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Man On Trial The ABC of his Folly

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For Thousands of years, Man has operated in a paradigm structurally constructed to dominate the majority. At the bottom of the power-pyramid are the women, the poor, and the weak. This paradigm must go and a new one adopted in all areas of governance.

Why, in Canada, do so few women aspire to enter the political arena? What holds them back? What needs to happen for women to actively seek to have a fair and proportionate representation in the decision-making processes in all areas of governance? Therefore when looking at my son I think… “Because of you, I made it through”.

While remembering my adoptive Dad I think… “Because of you, I made it through”.

“An orphan’s journey” Author of From my heart to Yours.

From A for Arrogance, to Z for Zero, this book attempts to describe how the dominant paradigm has affected Woman. Structured as a pyramid (the powerful few at the top, the vast voiceless majority at the bottom), and based on the military model of command and control, this model has failed Women, the Environment and Community. Women, because this model is fundamentally undemocratic and structured on the premise that women are ‘inferior’ and unable or unwilling to adopt the dominant ideology that military might is right. The Environment, because the old paradigm views Nature not as nurturer but as a resource to be exploited, at the expense of our future survival as a species; Community, because com-munity, by creating local solidarity among people, poses a threat to Man’s hegemony and interests.


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