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This edited collection shows how a bunch of students and their professor took the initiative to focus on the new social form of “eco-community.” The book is organized around the great elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The fifth great element – Space – will penetrate humanity’s consciousness about a better way to live with Mother Earth. This adventure into establishing eco-communities reflects the shift in mindset required to salvage the global ecosystem for human habitation. Our present values and patterns of consumption are the architects of the present global ecological emergency. We are our environment. Whether we live in a rural or urban locale, in the industrial or developing worlds, our mindset has to be focused on living as one component of Gaia’s ecosystem.

Earth contributions are on Community Supported Agriculture and Green Building Standards. Adaptation, fluidity and cohesion are in the detailed report on Water Management. Air, as ideology, is about the ideological basis of a successful eco-community; plus Marketing Ecologically Sound Behaviour and Modes of Living. The illumination of Fire introduces the GlobalEcologicalVillage network (GEN); the Carbon Credit Market; followed by Ecological Education in Schools; and Eco-tourism. Space has the aboriginal voice of Grandfather William Commanda’s vision for an aboriginal healing and peace centre in Ottawa. Preceded by Wisdom of the Elders to provide a template about sacred ecology. Each section has a “Note From The Editor” to provide wider context. A continuation of the editor’s ground breaking best seller – Failsafe: Saving The Earth From Ourselves.


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