Michael & Minke Whale – Baico

Michael & Minke Whale

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Michael Small received an invitation from Victoria Windemere, an archaeologist he helped in her work in the Yucatan peninsula and the discovery of Roman artifacts in North America before the time of the Aztecs. His new hobby scuba diving lets Dr. Windemere hire him as an apprentice diver on a site in the Mediterranean to work on the recovery of two ships that may date back to the time of the Iron Age. Dive with Michael as he risks his life to save a submersible that has been carried to the bottom. Feel his pain and what he has to suffer to rescue them. He is helped from drowning by a young woman who has her own ghosts. When she tells him about them he helps her unravel a mystery where her grandfather and grandmother were accused of being spies and traitors in the Second World War.


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