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Midnight Peak

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Life is not easy when you are the daughter of the most notorious rebel leader in the world. When Darion Rhys first took the identity of Rachel Warner, the prestigious Chief’s daughter, she didn’t understand that she would ultimately be sacrificing her independence, her freedom, and her chance at love. Darion continues to gather Intel for her family in hiding… but hidden family secrets rise to the surface and begin to tear her convictions apart. Her family has more to do with the rise of the new world leader than she could ever have imagined. Keeping her head in the game proves tricky, especially when another rebel exposes her for who she truly is.

Exposed, and abandoned by the people she trusted, she comes to realize that her identity has made her valuable to both sides. In the middle of the biggest conflict, Darion is sent halfway around the world for a lesson in reform. But the person they use to re-educate her is none other than Leo Bowman, and their intense love/hate relationship will push her to her limit. They want her broken. She has to face all of her fears—she has to dig deep and find the strength to persevere or they will crush her. Struggling to overcome everyone else’s expectations of her— what they want for her life—who they want her to be—she realizes that she’s not just a rebel’s daughter. She’s not Johnny’s puppet. She’s a soldier. They can beat her to her knees, but she won’t stay there… she’s going to unravel the secrets, and she’s going to dismantle this system of control or she will die trying. Easy is not an option.


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