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Man believes he knows all about life on earth and even in the oceans. The oceans give us life and the blue colour dazzle like a sapphire jewel when viewed from space. Yet Neptune, the god of the oceans, holds many secrets. Man is always a trespasser whether on the surface in ships travelling between local ports or to different continents or in its depths. The ocean is the burial site of thousands of ships. Some ships were lost due to man’s folly in war or through exposure to the Neptune’s might. Learn about some of the terrible battles in the last two World Wars and the ship called the Golden Cruiser.

Follow the Smalls as they discover ships that were lost, which were carrying treasure in peacetime and in war. Learn about the Klondike during the Yukon Gold Rush and how thousands of Stampeders crossed the mountains in the worst possible conditions to quench their thirst for gold. The bite of the gold bug makes men go mad and is often fatal. Listen to Robert Service, the Bard of the Yukon, as his words give vital clues to the Small family in their hunt for Neptune’s Secret.



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