Never Stop Dreaming – Baico

Never Stop Dreaming

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Stranger than fiction…This sharp, tightly focused narrative recounts the journeys of a boy, immigrant, engineer and adventurer as it unfolds across several continents.


To live a life fully is an act of courage. To write about it for others to read is an act of generosity. Klaus Ruhland’s memoir is a brave and big-hearted gift.  His story is one of challenge, transformation, and determination. He takes us from pre-war Germany to cold-war Canada and beyond. He moves from the personal to the political with ease. But most of all he reminds his readers that a mysterious human spirit flickers brightly, even at the most difficult moments of a life story. This is a book written with openness and to be read with gratitude.

Kevin Burns, Ottawa, ON

This is a compelling life story, told in an engaging and candid voice. We are treated to an armchair tour of the four continents in which this author/engineer lived and worked, told by a storyteller who begins absorbing the ambience and culture of a new country the minute he steps off the plane.

Beverly Hodson, Saskatoon, SK


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