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Old Men Forget

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This is a light hearted memoir intended to inform the younger members of John’s family about what went on in the pre-computer and pre-television age, both in England and in Canada. Along the way there are numerous diversions to describe the various aircraft companies where John worked, many of which, sadly, are now just history. More diversions, rants really, on such subjects as bilingualism, biculturalism and collective bargaining, as he describes his career in the Canadian public service.

John travelled a lot in his public service days to such exotic places as China, before the industrial revolution that has swept that country and to Poland and Romania when those countries were still in communist hands. Later, in retirement with Margaret, there were numerous trips to Europe all recalled with nostalgia.

We have tales of John’s ventures into show business as an amateur entertainer from Boy Scout Gang Shows to impersonating Ebenezer Scrooge in lieu of being Santa Claus at an office Christmas party. There is a final afterword on comedy, which has played a big part in John’s life, where he remembers past actors, writers and artists who have given his generation such pleasure with their humour.

We hope you enjoy this ramble. Don’t bother to remember all the trivia – there’s no test at the end.


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