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Over the centuries, two families’ twisting paths intertwine and are filled with hate and a family feud. Then they escape the squalor and turmoil of Ireland to chase the American Dream. The Cluneys labeled traitors after the ill-fated Easter Rising of 1916 inDublin, produce a Congressman. The Muldons succeed in their own way… and help build the chilling Irish Mafia.  This Congressman now threatens their crime empire. To the Muldons there is only one way to answer a threat and end the feud –  death.


A traffic accident sounded ideal. After all, the congressman was so tired out with the daily grind that a road accident could happen. Nobody would believe it was murder. No, they would wring their hands, cry, and support the poor, sad widow and daughter. There would be a column in the newspapers all about Cluney and his efforts to make America a better place. Then it would all blow over. The only things left would be a tombstone and two members of his family. Road accidents killed people everyday. One more accident would hardly tip the scales.


Once again, the young Muldon watched and waited…


One morning he found the opportunity… He was going to force the Cluney car off the road. Over the top of the hill were danger spots where the road seemed to be glued into place then edged around a sharp curve. A sudden hard hit from the side would surprise the driver and the maroon Buick would shoot through the guardrail into the open space, then drop… With a fall of several hundred feet, anyone hitting the canyon floor would be dead. Then he could report to his father from a safe line that his operation had been a success.


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