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To the person now holding this book:

You and I live in the same world, but that doesn’t mean we’re the same. I thrive on chaos, and I’ve accepted that things I find funny often make others, at the very least, uncomfortable. And while you might never want to be in the situations I’ve found myself in, you’ll sure as hell love reading about them.

A normal person would get upset if their new cell phone was flushed down a toilet by their roommate, or if they shat themselves on the side of the freeway on a one-way trip to a party at a cottage. But I thrive in such chaos. These moments fuel my creativity.

This book is not for the faint of heart. If you rank amongst those that feel laughter is vain entertainment, and curse words make your ears bleed, please put this book back on the shelf. Best we remain strangers.

But, if you enjoy true stories that are so strange and funny that they read like fiction, then you’ve stumbled upon a gem that will keep your eyes glued to the page and your bladder threatening to burst with laughter. To you, I’m happy we are newly acquainted and rejoice in our kinship!

No matter where you find yourself, dear reader, remember that every situation in this book could happen to you…

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