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Solomon’s Mistress

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Saul Kimble has a piece of pottery that his father brought back from the war. His father was a clerk in the Embassy in Cairo when Rommel was about to overrun Africa. A retreat into the desert to escape from the Germans found him in a desert oasis surrounded by rock and sand where he found a shard of pottery.


This piece of ancient pottery would give his son a clue into an ancient mystery about the Queen of Sheba and a liaison with King Solomon of Israel. It also gives a German officer something which, in time, would provide his son a chance at wealth beyond his wildest dreams.


Ruth Scranton was tired of sewing and stitching up drug addicts, drunks and the dregs of society when an incident suddenly showed her there was more to life than working in a hospital that bordered the zones of poverty and decay of America’s biggest city. She resigned her position at the hospital and offered her services to Doctors Without Borders and found herself in Africa working to help the impoverished who are still being sold into slavery or are innocent victims of a long civil war.


From the dawn of civilization to modern times, Solomon’s Mistress is a timeless tale of morality, ethics, and the all conquering power of love.


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