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Man, the ultimate toolmaker, believes he had conquered the sky as he has done the land and the sea. With his sleek fighters flying at speeds well above that of sound or in planes that can carry a 1000 passengers, man believes he’s in command. Yet his smugness evaporates when he suffers a BIRD STRIKE. Its disastrous consequence shows the truth; man is just an uninvited guest. Once you read this book and follow the exploits of a man who uses birds to create disasters, you will never feel safe in the air again.


The mad genius has discovered that he can bring down any aircraft with his winged messengers is about to create a disaster that will prove the Russians have won the political struggle over the decadent West. Creating a disaster that will ruin the reputation of the West is in the hands of a madman. Yet there is a man, Ian Stewart McLean who must piece together the clues and stop a disaster which will set back Western aviation technology decades and save the woman he loves.


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