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In 1725, Antonio Vivaldi wrote the music for The Four Seasons.  He penned a poem for each of the four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Each season has its reason, its significance, its purpose, its own symbolism.  Life is like the four seasons. Summer is but one of the seasons of the year; one of the seasons of Vivaldi’s masterpiece The Four Seasons. Summer is the story of Hope Jones, a young Gitxsan fiddler from northern British Columbia, Canada. Hope has a rare musical talent and what everyone believes is a very valuable Stradivarius violin. Is it the mysterious missing ‘Juliet’? As Hope grows and matures in her music, she learns more about her violin, the romance and mystery that surrounds it and the very dangerous family that continually threatens her in their attempts to claim it. Hope’s life follows the four seasons of Vivaldi’s music, much like life unfolds through the seasons. Summer is but one story in Vivaldi’s musical journey.


Summer is the sequel to the popular novel, Spring published by PublishAmerica (2006).


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