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The Arctic Howler

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When Aunt Maud phones both Georgina and Meghan know it’s a prelude to adventure. Soon they find themselves with their aunt out in Sonoma, California at the home of one of American’s most famous writers, Jack London (The Call of the Wild). Their aunt has been hired to find a missing manuscript seen on Jack London’s desk just before he died in 1916. Their journey takes them to the House of Happy Walls and London’s study where Georgina notices on the walls are pictures of sailing ships, two of which are the Erebus and the Terror, John Franklin’s ships that have been missing in the arctic since 1845. The hunt takes both Georgina and Meghan up to the arctic where they participate in a student exchange with Inuit students from Baker Lake and the mystery deepens. Learn about the Valley of the Moon, and the Hudson Bay Factor who was a fan of Jack London and collected all of his 51 novels. Find out that the model of a ship called the Arctic Howler found in London’s study isn’t what it appears to be. Hear the cries of arctic wolves and learn about Inuit spirits and beliefs. Find clues to an ancient mystery under the spectacular northern lights.


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