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The Demon Inside

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Inside each of us resides a demon; a demon that may rise to wreak havoc on those around us but the choice is ours, whether to feed its hunger or force it to be dormant.

The Demon Inside, first novel in the Demon Trilogy, brings you the tale of Detective Amy Pierce.

Awakening from a coma, Detective Amy Pierce returns to her passion; solving murders!

After being assigned to her first murder case upon her return, unbeknownst to her, it is simply the beginning of the numerous murders to be committed by the most infamous serial killer in Canadian history.

Her investigation reveals town secrets, deception and multiple love triangles which lead Amy to risk friendships, family ties and reputation to solve the case as she can trust no one but herself and her intuitions.

She must aggressively pursue the killer to not only protect the residents of Mikkel but herself as she fears she may become the next target.

Will you join the investigation and help solve the case before it’s too late???


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