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The Honourable Athletes

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‘As in all international sports events, the 10th editions of both the Summer and Winter Honour Games had, among its participants, athletes with some very interesting stories to tell. Athletes such as:

– Carlo Jones Coyote, an American track athlete who runs the Marathon, even though ‘Everyone knows coyotes are sprinters, not pacers’;

– Anisette Thorbjornsdottir Arctic-Fox, from Iceland, who doesn’t let something as ‘minor’ as an injury stop her from competing in her favourite sport: snowboarding; and

– Denis Rebazov Silver-Fox, a black-furred Russian fox, born of red-furred parents, who’s determined to prove that it’s not what colour your fur is that’s important, but what’s in your heart.

In all, 15 stories from athletes from different countries and different sports, but all with a very special message to convey.’


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