The Monarch’s Graveyard – Baico

The Monarch’s Graveyard

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Meghan and Georgina Small bring mystery into their family’s life with a visit to a pen pal Magdalene, in Mexico. The family accepts an invitation to visit Mexico and soon the four children are involved in the mysteries of the Monarch butterfly and discover that Magdalene’s family has a responsibility handed down to them since the time of Montezuma.

We are taken back into time and the secrets of Montezuma and the destruction of his empire at the hands of Cortes and his conquistadors. We also become involved in a modern mystery as the sacred places where the Monarchs return from their visit to America and Canada are being raided by unscrupulous people who have found a way of taking the Monarchs that fill the trees and killing them, to be shipped to market where the Monarch wings are made into pieces of jewellery.

Follow the Small children as they solve the mysteries of the burial ground of the Monarchs, both the King and the secret messengers.


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