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The Power in You

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Discovering treasures of the hidden Self

A book that enlightens, awakens, and heals as it inspires you to see life differently!

There is an abundant joy, inner freedom and lightness to be had; there is pure love to be discovered; and beneath it all there is a peace that sits quietly and patiently waiting to be experienced. These are never apart from you; they are you – only covered up by all the noise of the mind and the activities of life. This book is truly all about you; about a hidden aspect of yourself that can be accessed and experienced if you are willing to bring conscious awareness in on yourself, and become open.

Every message reveals the power that exists in you and that allows you to set yourself free from the identification with the egoic mind and its many conditionings. The messages in this book are easily relatable to life in these modern times as the world progresses materially, and as it welcomes a new age of spirituality. It reveals to you a new way of living in balance through a quiet mind, as it joyfully sets you free while creating, achieving and attaining.

Sandra Rajpaul sees herself as a humble instrument to bring this book into form. She imparts great wisdom which at times is thought-provoking, yet life-changing. Her style of writing is different but clear, and carries undertones of teachings from ancient spiritual masters. Her message is simple: If we are willing to enquire, investigate and explore the depths of our being, we can be led out of inner pain and suffering into a world of inner freedom, joy and peace.


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