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The Search

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Mirelle Tourney has come to Buffalo to find the man she loves. Walden Thorpe has come to find the man he hates. These two people meet in Mrs. Kroskie’s rooming house with opposite agendas and yet an interaction between them affects and influences both their lives.


Delivering some photos to the man injured in front of her shop, leads Mirelle to a hospital where she finds her husband Derek, a CSIS agent lying in a coma. Her hopeless search has ended. God has answered her prayers. But is it over? Derek’s assassins learn that their victim’s wife is searching for him. If the man they attempted to kill is alive, their work is in jeopardy.


Walden Thorpe has searched for three years for Rolph Braun, the accountant responsible for his jail term. To add to the outrage, Braun married his fiancé Serena. In Buffalo he confronts Braun, warning him that he will die, but suffer first by seeing his family hurt. Braun, attempting escape, is seriously injured in a traffic accident.


Will Walden succeed in carrying out his revenge when he meets Braun’s family? Can Mirelle keep her comatose husband safe from his enemies?


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