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The Witch Tree

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The Witch Tree is a story for 9-12 year old children offering adventure, discovery and a small insight into Wicca, a little known religious practice. The idea of a witch tree comes from my childhood in Denmark where people used to believe that large old hollow trees were hiding places for witches during the witch trials in the Middle Ages.

The story has two protagonists. Sarah and Kyle are a pair of 12 year old twins who accidentally fall into Netherworld, the world of witches, where they meet Esmeralda, Elspeth and Edan.

Through their involvement with the witches, Kyle and Sarah learn how easy it is to raise people’s superstitions and suspicions. They are introduced to Wicca beliefs and learn that it is important to accept people for who they are and not what they are.

The story is set in Ottawa and introduces the reader to some of the landmarks, natural areas and cultural activities that help define the city.

I believe the book takes a unique approach in trying to balance humor, history and an introduction to an unusual religion. It is my hope that by reading it, young people will learn to accept people from other cultures, religions and ethnicities, something that is very important in today’s multi cultural world.


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