The Women Gather – Baico

The Women Gather

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Nora’s mission had been challenging. She sought to fi nd a way for women to rediscover their true selves, which she believed had been denied to them throughout the centuries – and to help make the world a better place. When the young girl Aideen asked Tunde if she might come to Lemuria to learn about the beginnings of the Norean Order founded in 1998, she had agreed. Tunde’s preoccupation, however, continued to be with the smooth fl ow of ‘The Gathering’ symposium of 2066. Women from all the Sanctuaries throughout the world were in attendance awaiting the momentous event: the opening of the Portal to the Outerworld. Tunde therefore had little time to spend with Aideen who unraveled layers and layers of stories and mysteries found in letters, articles, diaries, newspaper clippings and videos about the struggles and triumphs faced by Nora’s family and by the Norean Order itself. What Aideen also detected was something she considered to be mystical – even more so because no one wanted to acknowledge it.


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