The Zombie of Sapper’s Bog – Baico

The Zombie of Sapper’s Bog

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Exploring Sapper’s Bog brings Michael and his friends upon the strange tree where dozens of shoes and boots have been nailed to its trunk. A sudden movement in the nearby bushes and the appearance of a strange creature drives them screaming home in fright. Their experience becomes important when suddenly there are thefts in their town, and health concerns over an epidemic downstream leads them into searching for what happened in Sapper’s Bog back at the time of the First Word War. The exploration of an underground labyrinth of tunnels and its sudden flooding leaves Michael trapped and alone as the water rises and threatens to drown him. Alone and nearly in total darkness his only hope is that his friends can get help and somehow rescue him before it’s too late when suddenly a cold hand touches his shoulder and he discovers he is not alone.


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