Tonquin and the Missing Arrow – Baico

Tonquin and the Missing Arrow

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A letter from a lawyer announcing the death of Archie Steelhead, an old Indian and friend from the adventure of Kermudgie, the Spirit Bear brings the Incredible Smalls two mysteries. The Tonquin, an American ship came to Vancouver Island in 1811 to trade for sea otter pelts but the captain insulted an Indian chief and the Tonquin’s crew of 43 men were attacked. The ship was blown up a crewmember in a desperate attempt to revenge the slaughter of his crewmen. In three tapes that accompanied the lawyer’s letter Archie asked his friends to solve the mystery of the Tonquin and also find the truth about a Broken Arrow, a term used by the military for incidents where an airplane carrying nuclear weapons goes down. Archie found the remains of a B-36 bomber, the Peacemaker, a six engine aircraft that crashed in BC in 1950, which was carrying nuclear weapons. His discovery brings a young woman to his door asking him to help solve the mystery of her missing father, a radiation technician who disappeared on that flight 23 years before. So the Incredible Smalls must find out about both and it takes them to BC in a search for the location of ancient ship and the cargo of a bomber that has been missing for over 50 years.


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