Tragedy of the Moth – Baico

Tragedy of the Moth

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“Watching. What was— A figure appeats— A mirror reflection of the soul’s appeal, A chance to see a chance to greet A chance to be…”


Felicity Moss is a starlet with a tragic past. Desperate to stay out of the judgmental gaze of the limelight, she disappears from public life. She finds new hope in the forgiving love of a noble man, but he has his own demon—Samuel, an old friend, and a new threat.


The riddle of choices surrounding life and death teases and taunts with the ebb and flow of the tides upon the shore. How long can one keep other from discovering private sins?


Filled with mystery and intrigue, The Tragedy of the Moth is a captivating tale of the theatrical world that enthralls with its poetic prose, scripts, supernatural folklore, and stream-of-consciousness asides. It’s a mind bending tour de force about love and tragedy, driving foeward to a crashing finale.


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