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UFOs that are quite likely inter-planetary vehicles visiting Earth, exist. That, is certain. The evidence is simply overwhelming. Yet, many find this hard to accept. That has to change, and soon.


Simply put, there’s a startling Truth being withheld from us. That Truth – a Truth that has profound implications for our future and the future of our planet Earth – is slowly slipping out.

UFOs: Proof Positive!” makes the case that real, reliable UFO evidence is all around us. Key modern UFO cases like the Roswell Incident and Majestic-12 are summarized. The book then reviews and dismantles common reasons used to refute the existence of UFOs in the face of this irrefutable evidence.  The methods and possible motives of public sceptics and naysayers – the “noisy negativists” – are also analysed. What might they really be up to?

Personal reflections of a spiritual nature are presented to help religious-based deniers see new possibilities. The book closes with an action plan for believers, non-believers and fence-sitters to review the evidence and decide for themselves.

An “Evidence” Equation – a mathematical model proving that not all UFO sightings could possibly be hoaxed – is proposed. A second Annex summarizes key contributions made to the field of UFO-logy by Canadian Radio Engineer Wilbert B. Smith in the 1950s.

So, arm yourself with simple and clear logic arguments that debunk old ways of viewing the subject of UFOs. Forget the biases and propaganda of the 1950’s and just look at the evidence!

UFOs are real!

We should be demanding official acknowledgement of this simple fact.


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