Under the Shadow of Madame Guillotine – Baico

Under the Shadow of Madame Guillotine

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Discover an adventure, a mystery that even today is only coming to light. Back in the time of the French Revolution aristocrats were being murdered and both the queen Marie Antoinette and her husband were forced to visit Madame Guillotine as the starving people of France rebelled over the excesses of the blue bloods and the nobles who used their wealth for their own amusement while the common people starved.

Yet there is a spark of light that bring an artisan, a watchmaker into the very prison where Marie Antoinette is held while she waits for her execution. Follow this man who loved his queen as he takes the crown jewels and the jewels of other nobles and hides them. Go with Andrew Small and a young woman whose family dates back to the time when her ancestors were caught up in the revolution. Use the clues found in a Breguet Watch and uncover the wealth of France.



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