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Vision of Blind Man

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A 1917 Russian coin arrives in the mail at the Small’s home. It carries a mystery dating back to the terrible time when the last Tsar of Russian lost his throne and his life when the Bolsheviks imposed Communism on the largest country in the world.

Meghan and Georgina befriend a blind man who carries with him a mystery about a girl he adopted when he was escaping from Stalin’s secret police in 1935. Yuri Speck, then a young German physicist meets a dying woman and promises to look after the woman’s child. She gives him two precious possessions, a Russian coin and a Faberge Egg. Both the coin and the egg hold secrets that can embarrass the Russian government and perhaps restore the Romanov throne.

But it is up to the Incredible Smalls to find out the truth and help a blind man with his distant vision. It brings a Soviet bureaucrat, a special assistant to the President of Russia to North America. His role is to ensure that the truth that might be hidden in a missing Faberge Egg is not revealed to the world. But he finds more than he expects when the blind man reveals another mystery.


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