Whispers of No Escape – Baico

Whispers of No Escape

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Betrayal by her husband and best friend forces Lacey to create a new life on an Island that seemed a world away from the place she was leaving. The ocean was supposed to bring peace and happiness back to her life, instead it reawakened terrifying memories and images Lacey never wanted to remember again.

Invading her dreams and photo’s, Lukas is determined to reconnect with the McMillan women he has sworn to protect. His desire for Lacey is stronger than he ever dreamed it could be. Would she welcome him into her life knowing he is the cause of so much of her pain?


Lacey senses a presence around her, sees him in the mist, in her pictures, a part of her wants to feel his touch, is she ready to trust again? All her life Lacey has forced herself to ignore the silhouettes she sees but no longer, her new found independence is too important to give control to any man, no matter what the consequences might be.


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