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Women are amazing! How many times have women heard that phrase over the years? Certainly not enough! Women do many things, have done many things. Women are caregivers, teachers, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters. Women work at home; they work in the outside world. Women are missionaries, medical professionals, lawyers, leaders and faithful followers. The bottom line, though, is that women make a difference. Women reach beyond their societal prejudices to do that little extra, to make this world a better place for themselves and for all of us. Sadly, too often, the commonly heard phrase is: “Behind every great man, there is a woman.” Never have we heard anyone quote: “Behind every great woman, there is a man.” Perhaps it has something to do with a woman’s perseverance: her ability to do things by herself, for herself, and without the help of others, particularly a man. Women can and do love. They also nurture, encourage, legislate, and, quite simply, they accomplish, they live. Throughout history, women have done all of these things and more. Women have made a difference and their stories, most of which are relatively unknown, speak of their abilities to go the extra mile, to give just a little bit more, to reach out and care. Amazingly Extra-Ordinary Women is a collection of stories: from the women who outshone others as young girls, to the women as adults who selflessly gave of themselves in so many different ways.



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