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Echoes of Footsteps

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In “Echoes of Footsteps” Katalin Kennedy has assembled her various compositions in themes with a view to reveal a life path from days of innocence, through days of wanderings, to days of experience. Kennedy gives us glimpses of childhood, youthful meanderings and adult reconciliation. She succeeds in sharing how she has chosen to celebrate life.

The book opens with young Katalin and her parents fleeing her homeland Hungary and becoming refugees in Canada. We are drawn into her early memories of “smells, sounds and sadness” including the death of her dear father ‒ for whom this work is dedicated.

The reader is treated to a wealth of subjects through Kennedy’s poems and stories together with her decade of articles written for Cornwall’s Seaway News, “Kindness” column. She addresses such topics as community, environment, technology, politics, travel, creativity, spirituality, loss and love. She cannot help but inject pathos, humour and hope in all her writings ‒ always in a caring, contemplative manner.


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