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The bottom of the sea holds remains of man’s efforts to sail the oceans. Michael Stone’s life as a U.S. naval diver is ruined when he risks his life to rescue two men in a bathyscaph trapped on a sea plateau where they are working on two iron age wrecks. That dive nearly killed him but he also finds a mysterious German U-boat-443 that brings the ghosts of the Second World War too close to home. Both the U-boat and the suicide of Michael’s boss brings him to face death at its very deepest depth. He is forced to dive again because the lady he loves will be killed if he doesn’t recover diamonds that was lost on board a tramp steamer destroyed by the Israeli intelligence because the ship, the Golden Amulet was being used to transport arms to the Palestinians.


Sometimes even love can not conquer all. Michael knows his chance of saving the woman he loves depends on his success in diving far beyond where it is safe to dive. But without Anne, his life is worthless. He has no choice and know that the demands of a man who has already murdered will kill again unless he retrieves the fortune in diamonds that lie on the seabed a 1000 feet below.


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