If She Should Die – Baico

If She Should Die

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CRAIG HARROWS, ex cop, now a P. I. puzzles about his first client ERIN FARMER, who has hired him to find out who in her family is attempting to kill her.  Is it her recent inheritance that spurred someone to want her dead? She knows that her brother GRANT PRITCHARD, blames her for the accident that left him a cripple. Is it her sister-in-law, SHELLEY FARMER who lives with them? It is unlikely her husband DONALD FARMER, though he would benefit the most. Harrows needs work and agrees to her suggestion to accompany her and the two children to her summer home. Under the guise of caretaker, he can act as a body guard while he studies the situation . He is relieved that the locale will be out of the hot city and at her country home, Hillside Cottage. It is not long before some frightening happenings occur.


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