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Incredible Journey

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This is a magnificent tale of adventure, exploration, love, corruption, tragedy and triumph. It’s a journey beginning with settings in Holland and France, sweeps across two oceans, from Europe across the Atlantic, through Caribbean Islands, onward to the Pacific, a voyage of a couple with their two children and their dreams, while a major police action and a national scandal unfolds at the same time, in Europe.

One becomes a part of this unique journey, from the family seeking endless sunshine amongst tropical islands, to a terrifying encounter on a Pacific atoll, to a military rescue-operation, to experiencing underworld greed, brutality, and corruption.

A chance meeting of the couple at a university in Paris leads to their marriage, and, after a decade of planning and with their two children, the incredible voyage begins. However, unbeknownst to them, a rampaging gang of murderers and thieves terrorizes a nation, with one member of the group escaping a police dragnet, and disappearing.

“Incredible Journey” has so much in its’ narrative, the reader will be astonished how personal emotions are detailed, and just as one thinks a climax to the story takes place, yet there is still much more to the story.

This relates to a sailing and cruising environment, to be sure, but there is no lecturing on that subject here, as the reader joins the main characters, beginning as they are as novices, gradually learning the trade but wondering with increasing uncertainty about all that lies ahead.

At the same time, the police action in Europe develops with ferocious speed, again with the reader sharing and being part of the thoughts and concerns of those involved.

Through both scenarios, experiences are vividly displayed and one becomes deeply involved in the hearts and minds of all the characters, their planning, their decisions.

Without doubt, one’s own dreams and fantasies will be realized and reflected in this novel.


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