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Private Investigation…the funnier side

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The Private Investigator handles four separate areas of investigations: corporate; domestic; criminal and civil. All are important; all have their own stories. No two cases are alike. Although they carry a need for professionalism and expertise, they also carry the unexpected. The chapters included in this book deal with bloopers, screw-ups, and funny situations that affect this profession.

As in my previous book, “Shoplifting… The Funnier Side”, “Private investigating… The Funnier Side”, shows the misfortunes of investigators, client’s witnesses and others that will leave the reader not just scratching their heads in disbelief but also giving us a chuckle as well. This can be said of all professions and careers in our lives, where the crazy and bizarre things happen just waiting to be recorded in script for others to enjoy.

I find it too bad that we all can’t just take a long look at ourselves and related “the funnier side”.


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