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Saladin’s Crusader

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When Georgina and Meghan Small befriend a Moslem student and gain his trust they discover that Mohammed has a different perspective on history. His knowledge about Islam and its scholars opens up a new world for the Smalls and their fellow students, but it is when they hear about the crusaders, Richard, the Lion-Heart and Saladin do they get excited because they discover a mystery dating back to the third Crusade and Saladin’s Crusader. Follow the epic journey of Gervais Granville who accompanies Richard the Lion Heart in his quest to free Jerusalem from the might of Saladin and a mission that might change the world. Go with Alice

St. Germain who fulfils a promise made to Gervais so many years before. Discover the truth about history, the Crusaders and why even today the word ‘crusades’ enflames the minds of Moslems throughout the world.


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