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Silent Echoes

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This book took many painful, dedicated years of research into my childhood years spent in foster homes, and adolescent years residing in an orphanage. I blocked too many memories from my mind. In the 1990’s up to 2006 I traveled the country of my birth and stayed for several weeks at a time searching for answers. The 1990’s I continually ran into obstacles, but in mid-2000, I finally found someone willing to assist me. I also interviewed people and toured the homes that still exist today.

Based on a true story, it is told by the main character. Even though the people and deceased are real, their names are fictional. The book begins on the last day of Anna’s journey prior to reflecting on her eight weeks residing in an all women’s residential rooming home. She meets a woman who used to reside with her in an orphanage, and learns a bit about herself when the woman talks about the little girl with a vivid imagination.

Throughout the eight weeks, when memories are triggered by objects, bits of conversations, and so forth, Anna loses time when she revisits the past of her childhood, adolescent and some of her early adult years.

The author found a factual obituary relating to a couple, stumbled on their tombstone and dreamt of one of two skeletons embracing her which is why she decided to resurrect them to assist Anna on her symbolical journey. Therefore, the last nine chapters relates to child, humanist psychology, archetypal psychology, visualization, the occult, symbolism and mysticism.

Anna decides to stay an extra month and moves in with Sarah and Sam. Since Anna’s biological mother often denied, demoralized and finally disowned her, Sarah helps her experience infancy, childhood, adolescent, and initiates Anna into womanhood.



The purpose for writing this book was to therapeutically help myself overcome the traumatic experiences I went through as a child, adolescent and young adult. It was also written with intentions on assisting other people who are survivors of physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and nutritional abuse. The book also deals with finding forgiveness.



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