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The Irrepressible Hungarian

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This is a true story about a young man who, in 1956, escaped poverty, hunger and a communist Hungary. This story demonstrate how freedom is to be cherished and how a country like Canada allowed and encouraged its young people to think and decide for themselves in order to open limit less doors of opportunity to individual accomplishments. I did it the old-fashioned way, through hard work and perseverance as fear of failure was a great motivator for me. This biography is being written to leave a legacy for my daughter and my one and only grandson. My grandpa passed away when I was very young. My father died in the second World War when I was only five years old. My daughter kept her maiden name when she married, but my last name will soon be lost. For this, I cast my name and family history in the stone of the written words and dedicate my memoirs to my daughter and grandson


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