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The Missing Avro

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One of Canada’s greatest achievements was the development of an aviation marvel that was considered 20 years ahead of any of its rivals in military fighters. The Avro Arrow in 1959 had won the hearts of Canadians and made other nations envious. But on the day it was first shown to the public in 1957 coincided with Russians’ launch of the first satellite Sputnik. It doomed the Arrow because the military experts believed that it was no longer vital to control the sky because space was the new battlefield between the West and the Soviet countries.

The development of the Arrow, the pride of Canada was stopped and the six finished fighters were cut up for scrap.

This is a story how the Incredible Smalls use their detective skills to discover the seventh Arrow hidden by patriotic Canadians. It shows us that this plane was extraordinary and its place in Canadian history should be maintained.


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