Vendetta – Baico


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New York City, 1956-:- Bob Masterson is dreaming the American dream, but life keeps waking him up.


Scratching a living as a handyman for a small-time landlord in mid-fifties Manhattan, he runs into Iris, the girl of his dreams; bored, lounging around her apartment in her black slip, chain smoking, waiting to be rescued. Bob is smitten, and happy to get up on his white charger and carry her away to a new life.


It turns out she’s married to a hoodlum with connections to major New York crime families. Luigi, true to his Sicilian roots, swears Vendetta against Bob and Iris, and the cat-and-mouse game begins.


Bob and Iris make a pretty hardboiled couple, but their shells quickly crack. Their whirlwind romance and dreams of easy street quickly draw them into a rapid-fire series of adventures, fights to the death, crimes major and minor, and close shaves with the law, culminating in what may or may not be a successfully concealed murder that solves all their problems—or does it?


And Iris—can she be trusted? Is she really the girl of Bob’s dreams, or is she a cunning vixen, playing him against her violent husband for her own secret purposes?


Earnest, amoral, not too bright, Bob Masterson remains an engaging antihero, refusing to give up on his dream of success and freedom, in spite of the constant reminders that life never follows the script he has written for it.


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