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The Price of Loyalty

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The fight for North America might not appear large in comparison to other battles and other wars, but the defeat of the French and the subsequent victory for the British started a new path that would change the world. No longer dependent on the British navy to save them from the French, the Thirteen Colonies wanted to be rulers in their own land and the first civil war in America erupted when the Americans rebelled against Mad King George. This is a story that traces the life of a brave man, who held loyalty close to his heart, as he fought to save his country against the French and their native allies and then against those who turned against Britain. From 1750-1790, no one was safe. You had to live by your wits and your courage. Enemies lurking in the forest were ready to destroy your home and your family. This is a story of Daniel Livingston and the efforts to save his family and all that he held dear. The United Empire Loyalists struggled under the hardest conditions, as they were forced to abandon everything in order to remain loyal to the British flag.

Michael Small is hired by Barry Kerr to find the truth and the details of a family’s history. Trace the events of a troubled time. If the Kerrs can confirm their direct relationship to this brave man they can carry the title of Unity of Empire after their names (U.E.) and honour a remarkable man and ancestor.


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